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novatec FRG LD14

The novatec FRG LD14 material, part of the engineered graphite with Kevlar® family, is a porous soft coating for cylinder head gaskets, used sucessfully world-wide in OEM and aftermarket equipment.
Due to the unique material concept, novatec FRG LD14 is used as a coating on perforated steel or flat metal when a good adaptability of the gasket system is required. The high graphite content and the resulting temperature resistance make the quality suitable for e.g. exhaust systems. The composition of the material and the broad range of potential applications make novatec FRG LD14 a technical and economical alternative to cylinderhead gaskets made from expanded graphite.
For further detailed technical information, please see the link below.

Download information package novatec FRG LD 14 (will be available soon)
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