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Information from the Division

As a customer of Frenzelit Gasket Division, you are benefiting from our product and material know-how, which we have built up and established over the last 100 years.

We, a manifold certified company, meet your requirements for OEM, as well as Aftermarket, world-wide at the highest quality level.

Frenzelit gaskets are required in nearly all industries:
Power stations, chemical plants, cellulose and paper plants, ship building and engine construction, heating technology, offshore and food industry.

Innovative products for future growth markets are developed at Frenzelit in alliance with you, the customer, from the very first idea to serial production.

New materials from our hicoTEC® family reflect the ongoing development of our material and technology competence and provide a competitive advantage for you in the market with an intelligent "tailor-made" problem solution.

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