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Quality and Environment

Environment Management

We are committed to the protection of the environment

Responsibility for our environment is a daily commitment for ecological behavior.
At Frenzelit, we acknowledge our responsibility towards mankind and environment through the protection and preservation of our living space as a top priority in all of our activities.

We use environmentally-friendly production processes

The environmental consequences of our production processes are examined and evaluated before they are realized. It is our constant goal to devise production processes that minimize and avoid any environmental harm.

We save resources

Whenever possible, Frenzelit creates a circulation process with the aim to minimize the usage of our resources. We practice the recovery of used solvents, the best possible water circulation and the use of recycled components in our products. We constantly re-evaluate our existing technologies in order to continuously improve our environmental standards. For newly developed products, a resource-saving use of materials and recycleability are important factors.

We avoid waste

Our total production is focused on avoiding waste and when not possible, waste is carefully separated carefully and disposed of properly. Special waste is transported to the relevant waste disposal sites under the strictest rules and regulations.

Workers´ Protection Management

We rely on content employees

We pride ourselves on healthy employees who enjoy their work and their lives. Quality of living and health are only obtainable if the company management sets standards in workers´ protection. This is an important aspect of our company philosophy and secures our economical future.

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