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novaphit MST

novaphit ® MST is the gasket material with the most optimised pressure-temperature-ratio presently known on the market. Thanks to the multi-layered construction from a combination of graphite foils, expanded and smooth metal inserts (up to eight graphite layers and seven inserts) this material can reach highest thermal and mechanical properties as well as lowest leakage rates.
The expanded graphite of a purity of at least 99.5 % offers an excellent resistance to oxidation and thus can be used for high temperatures of up to 550 degrC. The acid-proof stainless steel inserts made from AISI 316L / 1.4404 complete the complex material design and make the installation at extremely high surface pressures possible. The application at internal pressure ranges of up to 250 bar can be recommended without hesitation.

Furthermore the novaphit ® MST fulfils the strictest requirements with regard to prevent fugitive emissions and is classified as a high quality sealing system according to the test criteria of TA Luft. Approvals for the application with oxygen and “Fire-Safe” tests predestine the novaphit ® MST as all-purpose product in all areas of process industry. As well the novaphit ® MST complies to nuclear power specifications. The simple processing with cutting tools or manual finishing characterises this material for an economic utilisation.

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