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novaDISCEvery sealed joint is influenced by several factors during operation. Therefore when chosing the right sealing material, three main factors have to be considered:
  • medium 
  • temperature
  • pressure
The computer software novaDISC consists of several modules which allow the exact and menu-driven calculation of the following parameters:
  • Choice of suitable gasket material depending on chemical and physical application limits.
  • Choice of suitable gasket material for any flange
  • Flange calculations for DIN-, ANSI-, GOST- and also for non-standard flanged joints.
The multi-lingual programme guides the user through the various surfaces and based on the entered application conditions, it will then generate a report which can be either printed or sent out by e-mail.

novaDISC is a free of charge service, available by Frenzelit for all gasket specialists working on the design of sealed joints.

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