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IPPC Directive 96/61/EC

Best Available Techniques (BAT) for stringent fugitive emission regulations.
The objective of the European IPPC Directive is to minimize emissions throughout the European Union. Germany has already implemented the Directive in 2002 with the latest amendments due to the TA Luft.

Other European countries have to introduce similar national regulations by October 2007. This regulation apply to several industrial sectors of the process industry especially the chemical industry.

One major task of the directive is the introduction of the BAT (Best Available Technique) idea. As a result plant operators are obliged to use BAT products or processes. In order to inform the industry about these developments the IPPC bureau in Sevilla, Spain is publishing BREF notes. BREF notes are BAT reference documents each applicable for specific sectors e.g. refining operations.

A major part of Volatile Organic Compound emissions (VOC’s) of the process industry are caused by flanged connections. Depending on the individual installation the percentage of fugitive emissions caused by flanged joints vary from 5 to almost 30 %.
The TA Luft approved gasket range of Frenzelit will help you to minimize these fugitive emissions to a minimum:




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