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novaphit SSTC TA-L

novaphit SSTCTA-L is a composite gasket material made from multi-layers of expanded graphite with a purity of at least 98% and a layer of expanded metal from acid-proof chrome-nickel steel (1.4404, AISI 316 L). This material has been classified a superior gasket according to VDI standard 2440 for "TA Luft". The tests in the "State Material Testing Institute (MPA)" in Stuttgart showed a leakage rate of 6,4 * 10-5 mbar*l /(s*m) (measured with the help of a helium mass spectrometer at a surface pressure of 30N/mm² and 1bar), which is clearly under the allowed upper limit of 10-4 mbar*l /(s*m).
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