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novaphit SSTC

novaphit SSTC is a graphite gasket material with an insert of acid-proof stainless steel (1.4404, AISI 316 L) for the highest pressure and temperature requirements. An excellent media resistance and the safety aspect, even in applications with changing loads, make this material superior. The expanded metal layer, due to its three-dimensional, non-intersecting geometry, is superior to standard graphite gaskets with tanged and flat metal inserts, and shows its recovery properties in tongue and groove flange connections. Studies have proven that at a pressure of 40 MPa, the leakage is approximately 50% lower than for tanged metal gaskets. The graphite used in novaphit SSTC has a purity of at least 98% and proves its quality, especially with its outstanding loss on ignition and oxidation values.

Online video about processing of the material (will be available soon)
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