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novaform FSD - Silk Screen Gaskets

novaform FSD is the name for Frenzelit´s range of silk screen gaskets. They are mainly used for applications where with low bolt pressures a reduction of surface leakage is required. A sealing outline or coating with a thickness of 10µm to 500µm is applied on the component to be printed. It can be either a cut gasket made from a soft material, or from metal or complete components. The design of the outline is either full flat, e.g. when applying layers of adhesive, or only partial, to create a line compression (see Fuji picture below). This provides the opportunity to optimize the surface pressure in case of low bolt forces. The height of silk screening can be varied even within the outline itself. The silk screening compounds used by Frenzelit are determined through the relevant application and their technical values. Colors can also be modified upon request.

A selection of basic formulas with their technical properties:

Name of

 Color  Elastomer

 Range in °C

 FSD 110  white  Silicone  -60 to 180  no solvents
 FSD 140  blue  Silicone  -50 to 225  no solvents
 FSD 250  grey  Polyurethane  -30 to 110  no solvents
 FSD 600/650  transparent  Acrylate adhesive  -30 to 100  very good
 UV resistance
 FSD 821  beige  NBR  -40 to 110  oil resistant
  • Reduction of surface leakage even with low bolt forces
  • Optimised surface pressure for not plane-parallel components
  • Componets have integrated sealing properties
  • Fast and safe installation
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